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Sunday Service with Swami Vijay

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Can Man See God? 2/19/2012

By Thinking: Can We Arrive at Understanding? 2/26/2012

Dogmatism vs Common Sense 3/4/2012

Logic vs Intuition 3/11/2012

Children of the Light 3/18/2012

Deeds vs Intentions 3/25/2012

Who is the Son of Man? 4/1/2012

Resurection for Every Soul 4/8/2012

To Each According to his Faith 4-15-2012

How High Should We Aspire 4-22-2012

Perfection is Self Transcendence 4-29-2012

Activity vs Inner Communion 5-13-2012

The Inner Kingdom 5-27-2012

Why Do Devotees Fall? 6-3-2012

Self-Effort Too is Needed 7-15-2012

How Democratic is Truth? 7-29-2012

Does God Hide the Truth? 8-5-2012


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