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The Circle of Giving

The Sangha is a place to both give and receive. We adhere to the basic principles of the Circle of Giving. This is the understanding that we must all learn to give and to receive in balance. It is our purpose to provide an environment where people of all backgrounds – social, racial, cultural and religious – can seek their own level of spiritual excellence. This requires each person to honestly evaluate how much they can/should give to balance that which they receive. This decision should take into account both one’s financial means and the level of value that is received through session participation.

Consider the cost of going to the movies, the cost of medical care or the cost of joining a gym and then consider your financial capabilities. These courses will help to heal you in body, mind and spirit, only you can say what exactly that value means to you. As a part of our own spiritual practice we embrace the precept: It is more blessed to give than receive. So we do not set specific prices but offer guidelines to help you come to grips with this sensitive issue in your own life.

Here are three common ways you can give: monetary offering, fruit/flowers/Divine Mother Wish List, service in the Ashram, and prayers. We encourage you to consider a mixture of all these elements and to seek inner guidance to determine the best combination for you.

Monetary Sliding Scale:

Regular Sadhana Practice: You might consider offering $5 to $15 or more per hour of participation. You may also consider pledging on a monthly basis - $30 - $50 - $100 or more - instead of per hour for regular Sadhana Practice.

Sadhana Practice, Sadhana Leader and Spiritual Training Courses:  These classes should be valued higher than regular Sadhana Practice, you might consider doubling or tripling the per hour offering.

Yoga Teacher Training: Non-Residential 200 hour teacher training courses usually start in the range of $1,500 to many thousands. Even though not all students intend to teach, this is considered professional training with income producing potential. This course is recognized by the Yoga Alliance, which is the most generally accepted yoga teacher certification organization. For this course we feel that a substantial financial commitment – which represents the student’s commitment - should be part of the students offering. We work with each student individually to determine what is appropriate for their situation.

We keep a "Divine Mother wish list" so that people will know what would be helpful to the Sangha at any given time.

Click here for the Divine Mother Wish List