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Sadhana Yoga

Sadhana Yoga is a back to basics approach to preparing body, mind and spirit for meditation. Based on the understanding that Asana (yoga posture) means the ability to sit still for extended periods of meditation and not just the ability to stretch the body for physical health, Sadhana Yoga emphasizes the release of mental and physical tensions while helping to develop inner focus and expansion of awareness.

Through the use of a basic set of yoga postures, affirmations, conscious breathing and deep relaxation, the practitioner will experience a growing ability to inwardly connect to their spiritual center. Through this increased inner connection, calmer states of meditation will be more accessible. Classes include Energization Exercises, yoga postures practice, pranayama (life/breath/energy control), chanting and meditation.

As the participants improve their practice they will find that rather than practicing a greater number of postures, the extension of time allotted to each individual pose will be of greater benefit. Thus the goal is not to do more poses, or even more difficult poses, but actually to do fewer poses for greater lengths of time; ultimately returning to the original precept, the ability to sit in one pose for an extended period of meditation.

Sadhana Yoga uses a variety of themes to focus the mind and awaken the heart during practice. For example, one session might be done with the theme of peace. So during the practice of the poses, affirmations and visualizations would be used to direct the mind and heart to the experience of peace. Other themes might be joy, love, expansion and devotional readings.

Basic Sadhana Yoga Sessions are 1 ¼ to 1 ½ hours long and include Energization (15 minutes), Postures (45 minutes) and chanting/meditation (15 to 30 minutes). Each session will be slightly different in length, according to the group energy in that moment. We also offer intermediate and advanced sessions for students who have completed the Sadhana Practice Training course.

Training Programs

Sadhana Practice Training – Energization, Postures and Meditation – 10 hours
This course can be applied towards Sadhana Leader Training and Yoga Teacher Training

Sadhana Leader Training – Sadhana Practice Training plus presentation skills - 40 hours - This training can be applied towards Yoga Teacher Training Course hours. Students for this course should have attended at least 20 Sadhana Yoga practice sessions as a participant.

Yoga Teacher Training : 200 hours or 500 hours – Yoga Alliance Certification approved

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